Ilusão da Tartaruga

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NQ ico.png Ilusão da Tartaruga
Uma aprendiz de Espiritualista tem dificuldades de realizar um ritual de purificação no antigo vilarejo de Payon.
Requisitos mínimos
Nv. de base: 150
Tipo de Quest: Normal
Caça: Ver tabela
EXP base: 3.600.000
EXP classe: 2.400.000
Itens: 25271.png 5 Pedra Ilusional
  • Mecânica do mapa:
    • Para invocar uma Ilusão do Luar, todos do servidor precisam eliminar 999 Raposas Raivosas.
    • Para invocar um Veritas, todos do servidor precisam eliminar 12 Aventureiros.
    • Esses monstros aparecerão bem próximo do último monstro da contagem ser morto.
    • Após a morte do chefe invocado, a contagem é reiniciada.
    • MVPs ilusionais não deixam túmulo.

Missão de Acesso

  1. Find Knight Aylvar on the southeastern side of the docks in Alberta and agree to help him. He is looking for his friend Leiphen, who had disappeared half a day ago.
  2. Choose the option to look intently at the piece to get warped away to the illusion dungeon.
  3. Talk to the Girl in front of you and ask if she has seen Leiphen. She doesn't know for sure but she can guess two different locations.
    Choose But I have some questions to receive the coordinates.
    • An susceptible soldier at the northeast side of the dungeon. You notice that his nails have been obsessively nibbled off. The guy doesn't seem ok.
    • An impatient man near the northwest junction on that floor. He's looking for his daughter.
  4. Continue your search through the southeast portal to the next floor.
  5. Talk to a Fragile Woman at the center of the turtle palace. She seems to be very hungry, saying she has been starving for days.
  6. She gives a clue? Following it finally leads you to Archeologist Leiphen on the northwest corner of the palace.
  7. Talk to Archeologist Leiphen. He's relieved to have also finally met a fellow human. You offer to escort him safely out the dungeon but unfortunately, he's also too hungry to move.
  8. Gather 10 pieces of Rotten Meat and hunt 10 each of:
    • Ominous Permeter
    • Ominous Solider
    • Ominous Freezer
    • Ominous Heater
  9. Bring them back to Professor Leiphen. Unfortunately, he can't eat them because all the meat ends up rotten. He wonders if there are others around who can help, so you tell him about the other "people" you encountered, and he asks you to take him to them.
  10. Make your way back to the starving Fragile Woman and introduce Leiphen to her. At first, Leiphen can't seem to see her, but things get out of hand when the other "people" suddenly appear and start targeting Leiphen. You are both rescued by the Girl you met before and she asks you to meet her back where you first met her.
  11. Head back to the previous floor and talk to the Girl.
  12. Leiphen asks the Girl to tell him about the dungeon, which she reluctantly agrees to do. Talk to her again. She introduces herself as "Narin", an Old Ghost. The other residents in the dungeon are spirits bound there by resentment or by different strong obsessions. Narin's obsession is to save everyone.
  13. After you wrap up your talk with Narin, you and Leiphen agree to leave for now, with a promise to keep coming back for Narin so she won't have to be alone.
    • As a parting gift, Narin will give you 5 25271.png Illusion Stone, 3,600,000 Base EX, and 2,400,000 Job EXP.
    • Leave the dungeon through the red light beside her and you'll find yourself back in Alberta back in front of Knight Aylvar once again.
  14. Talk to Aylvar to discuss what happened.
    • Daily quest is now available (cooldown already active)
      • Cooldown Quest Name: A short break, and a promise

Missões diárias

Missão NPC Objetivo Recompensa
DQ ico.png A memory that should not be forgotten Girl
  • Falar com Archeologist Leiphen }
DQ ico.png Vain Desire An susceptible soldier
  • Caçar 10 Ominous Assulter
  • Coletar 5 Old Metal Pieces
DQ ico.png Endless Hunger Fragile Woman
  • Caçar 10 Ominous Batedor
  • Caçar 10 Ominous Aquecedor
  • Caçar 10 Ominous Agressor
  • Caçar 10 Ominous Congelador
  • Caçar 10 Ominous Solidificador
  • Coletar 10 Rotten Meat


  • Para criar itens, fale com o Ferreiro Ilusional
  • Os itens precisam estar com o refinamento +9.
  • Os itens criados não terão o refino, as cartas e os bônus aleatórios do equipamento anterior.
  • As armas podem receber bônus aleatórios.
  • Os equipamentos podem receber encantamentos ilusionais.
Item Materiais
19247.png Fancy_Flower_IL 2207.png +9 Florzinha 25271.png 50 Pedra Ilusional 25312.png 50 OldDoll
13469.png Immaterial_Sword_IL 1141.png +9 Espada Imaterial 25271.png 100 Pedra Ilusional 25314.png 50 ShipsLog
16065.png Iron_Driver_IL 1529.png +9 Taco 25271.png 100 Pedra Ilusional 25313.png 200 OldShell
32005.png Pole_Axe_IL 1417.png +9 Bardiche 25271.png 100 Pedra Ilusional 25311.png 200 PieceOfBlackSpirit
1326.png War_Axe_IL 1306.png +9 Machado de Combate 25271.png 100 Pedra Ilusional 25311.png 200 PieceOfBlackSpirit
13338.png Huuma_Bird_Wing_IL 13300.png +9 Shuriken Alado Huuma 25271.png 100 Pedra Ilusional 25313.png 200 OldShell